The Asia Business Connection (ABC) was established in 1992 as an important addition to the networking, learning and information flow for businesses in Western Sydney to engage with the wider Asia business community.
We are the only organisation in Western Sydney dedicated to the development and growth of business in the Asia Pacific region.

ABC’s primary objective is to:

• assist in developing business opportunities
• promote business awareness in Australia and Asia
• provide insights into current and emerging trends in the Asian region
• facilitate high level business to Government matching
• provide feedback to Government on business issues
• provide business networking opportunities

We achieve this by organising and hosting activities that connect businesses and people in Western Sydney and Asia with each other.
The Asia Business Connection is an independent organisation that works collaboratively with all organisations that have an interest in growing and promoting business between Asia and Western Sydney.
The Asia Business Connection is in regular contact with over 3000 businesses in the Western Sydney Region.

ABC is a not for profit organisation and relies on support of our partners and members to conduct our activities.